Getting Started

Getting Started with Montagix SDK

Follow the instructions below to set up the SDK in your development environment.

Requesting Access

The Montagix SDK is a private package. To gain access, you'll need an access key. To request an access key, please reach out to us.

Setting up npmrc

Before installing the SDK, ensure that you've set up your .npmrc file correctly to be able to access the private package.

  1. Open or create a .npmrc file in the root of your project.
  2. Add the following line, replacing your-access-key with the access key you received:

Installing Dependencies

Now, install the Montagix SDK along with its required peer dependencies using npm:

npm install @montagix/engine mobx @ffmpeg/core @ffmpeg/utils

Sample Project

For further guidance and inspiration on how to structure your project, feel free to explore our sample project on GitHub: montagix-sdk-boilerplate-react (opens in a new tab).