Audio Node

Audio Node

In a world dominated by visuals, it's often easy to forget the sheer power of sound. The subtleties of an ambient track, the crescendo of a musical piece, or the clarity of dialogue can elevate content to a truly immersive experience. Enter the Montagix SDK's Audio Node: your toolkit for integrating and manipulating audio with precision and ease.


The Audio Node within the Montagix SDK stands for audio segments, clips, or tracks that you might want to integrate into your projects. Like the Video Node, the Audio Node builds on the MediaClipNode, ensuring a consistent set of properties and behaviors across different types of media.

Key Characteristics

Versatile Audio Format Support

From MP3s to WAVs, the Audio Node supports numerous audio formats, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration. Remember, the specific formats available depend on browser support.

Precise Audio Manipulation

Being an extension of the MediaClipNode, the Audio Node inherits essential capabilities such as volume control, ensuring that the audio can be manipulated to fit perfectly within the context of your project.

Synchronization and Mixing

The Audio Node allows for synchronization with other media types, like video. Additionally, multiple audio tracks can be layered or mixed to create rich soundscapes.

Fine-Tuned Controls

With features such as looping, trimming, and fading, the Audio Node provides developers with a suite of tools for detailed audio editing and sequencing.