Effect Node

Effect Node

Effects play a transformative role in multimedia content, enabling creators to invoke specific moods, highlight elements, or introduce creative flair to their projects. The Montagix SDK’s Effect Node facilitates the application of diverse visual effects, opening up a world of artistic possibilities for both novice and expert creators alike.


The Effect Node within the Montagix SDK serves as a vehicle for applying visual effects to other nodes, such as media clips or layers. Stemming from the foundational ClipNode, the Effect Node not only inherits its base properties but also offers an arsenal of tools and configurations tailored to effect handling.

Key Characteristics

Broad Effect Library

With a library spanning from simple color corrections to intricate visual distortions, the Effect Node caters to varied creative needs, ensuring every project stands out.

Chainable Effects

Combine multiple effects to craft a unique visual style. By stacking effects in a sequence, creators can achieve nuanced results tailored to their vision.

Real-time Previews

Visualize effects in real-time as they’re applied, ensuring an iterative and feedback-rich creation process. This feature aids in making informed artistic decisions on-the-fly.

Adjustable Intensity & Parameters

Each effect comes with adjustable settings, allowing creators to tweak its intensity, duration, and other parameters, granting unparalleled control over the final outcome.

Non-destructive Application

Effects are applied non-destructively, meaning the original media remains unaltered. This facilitates experimentation without the fear of losing original content.