Filter Node

Filter Node

Filters are a staple in multimedia production, granting creators the ability to alter the aesthetic appearance of their content with just a few clicks. The Montagix SDK's Filter Node empowers users to quickly and seamlessly apply various filters to their projects, enhancing the visual appeal and storytelling capabilities of their creations.


Derived from the foundational ClipNode, the Filter Node is specialized for introducing visual filters to multimedia elements within the Montagix SDK. It brings with it a suite of pre-configured filters and also allows for customized filter configurations.

Key Characteristics

Comprehensive Filter Suite

From sepia tones to dramatic monochromes, the Filter Node boasts an extensive library of classic and contemporary filters to meet diverse aesthetic preferences.

Adjustable Intensity

Each filter can be fine-tuned to achieve the desired intensity, allowing for subtle or pronounced visual transformations.

Combine Filters

For those looking to achieve a unique visual style, multiple filters can be layered or combined, paving the way for endless creative combinations.

Real-time Application

Experience the transformation in real-time. As filters are applied or adjusted, users can instantly preview the results, streamlining the creative process.

Non-invasive Adjustments

Much like the Effect Node, filters are applied in a non-destructive manner. The original media remains untouched, enabling worry-free experimentation.