Image Node

Image Node

Images form an integral part of most video projects. Whether as a static backdrop, a visual cue, or a storytelling element, images bring a unique visual depth to the table. The Montagix SDK's Image Node is designed to seamlessly integrate these static visual elements into your video workflows.


The Image Node in the Montagix SDK represents a static image within the video project. It is an extension of the ClipNode, specialized for handling image files. With the Image Node, developers can easily add, manipulate, and animate images within the scene graph.

Key Characteristics

Versatile Image Support

The Image Node is adept at handling various image formats, depending on browser support. This means that most common file types, such as JPEG, PNG, and WEBP, can be incorporated without a hitch.

Easy Integration

Given its nature as an extension of the ClipNode, the Image Node retains all the underlying properties of its parent. This ensures that integrating images into your scene graph remains a consistent and intuitive process.

Animation and Transition Capabilities

While the Image Node handles static images, it's fully equipped to be part of dynamic animations and transitions. Whether it's fading in, sliding from a side, or any other animation, the Image Node works seamlessly with the engine's animation functionalities.