Layer Node

Layer Node

In the realm of video editing and creation, managing and organizing content efficiently is paramount. The Layer Node within the Montagix SDK serves this very purpose. It acts as a foundational element that represents the tracks in your video project, facilitating a structured and organized workflow.


A Layer Node is essentially a container or a track where clips, effects, and other nodes can be placed. Think of it as a timeline track in traditional video editing software, allowing you to layer multiple elements, synchronize them, and create complex compositions with ease.

Key Characteristics

Hierarchical Structure

The Layer Node promotes a hierarchical structure, making it easier to visualize the sequence and arrangement of your video content. Each layer can contain multiple nodes, ensuring flexibility in content placement and management.

Independent Management

Every Layer Node operates independently, meaning that changes or adjustments to one layer won't inadvertently affect others. This independence ensures precise control over each segment of your video.


Organized Workflow

By representing the tracks, Layer Nodes provide a clear visual representation of where each element sits in the timeline. This clarity streamlines the editing process, reducing complexity and potential errors.

Enhanced Flexibility

With the ability to add, remove, or rearrange nodes within a Layer Node, you have the freedom to experiment, iterate, and find the perfect sequence for your content.


As your video project grows, Layer Nodes can easily accommodate more content, ensuring your project remains organized no matter its scale.