Text Node

Text Node

Textual content remains a cornerstone in the realm of multimedia. Whether it's an informative label, a stylish title, or engaging captions, text has the power to communicate directly and effectively. With the Montagix SDK's Text Node, integrating dynamic text elements becomes a seamless process, allowing creators to infuse their projects with added depth and meaning.


The Text Node in the Montagix SDK represents textual elements or layers that can be incorporated into various scenes. As an extension of the ClipNode, it inherits a series of foundational properties, while also providing features specific to text handling and manipulation.

Key Characteristics

Rich Typography Options

Choose from a variety of fonts, styles, and weights to make your text stand out. Define custom typography or lean on web-safe fonts to ensure consistent rendering.

Dynamic Positioning & Animation

Place text wherever it suits best within a scene. Utilize transitions, animations, or keyframe-based movements to create visually appealing text dynamics.

Customizable Appearance

Beyond fonts, take control of color, shadow, outline, and background. Adjust the opacity, blend modes, and other visual properties to create the perfect look.

Text Effects & Enhancements

Add effects like gradients, strokes, or glows to enhance the text's visual appeal. Use built-in features to create engaging text elements without requiring external graphics or assets.

Responsive & Adaptive

The Text Node allows for responsive design, ensuring that text elements look great on any screen size, adapting and reflowing as needed.