Transition Node

Transition Node

Transitioning smoothly between scenes or media elements is a hallmark of polished multimedia productions. The Montagix SDK's Transition Node facilitates this, offering a collection of intuitive and customizable transitions to elevate any project.


The Transition Node, a pivotal component in the Montagix SDK, is specialized to manage and apply transitions between different media clips. It stems from the foundational ClipNode but is specifically engineered to manage the interplay between multiple clips, ensuring seamless movement from one to the next.

Key Characteristics

Versatile Transition Library

Choose from a variety of transitions ranging from classic fades and cuts to more intricate and dynamic animations. The SDK is regularly updated with new transition styles to cater to evolving user preferences.

Customizable Duration

Control the speed and duration of each transition, allowing for rapid changes or more gradual, drawn-out shifts between scenes.

Interactive Preview

Witness transitions in real-time. As transitions are selected or adjusted, the results are rendered instantly, ensuring the intended effect is achieved.


Transition Nodes are designed to work harmoniously with LayerNode, ensuring that transitions respect the layer hierarchy and play out as expected.

Non-linear Edits

Thanks to the Transition Node, non-linear edits become straightforward. Jump between scenes or timelines without jarring cuts, creating a cohesive viewing experience.