Video Node

Video Node

The digital age has seen a surge in the consumption and creation of video content. Videos, with their dynamic nature, bring stories to life and capture the viewer's attention like no other medium. Montagix SDK's Video Node ensures that incorporating these dynamic elements into your projects is both intuitive and effective.


The Video Node within the Montagix SDK represents video clips or segments that can be integrated into your video project. It builds upon the foundational properties of the MediaClipNode, which is designed specifically to handle playable media like videos and audio.

Key Characteristics

Broad Video Format Support

Montagix SDK's Video Node supports a wide range of video formats. The actual list of supported formats will depend on browser compatibility, ensuring a wide reach and flexibility in video integration.

Comprehensive Media Handling

Being an extension of the MediaClipNode, the Video Node inherits capabilities like volume control and other properties essential for playable media. This ensures that videos can be seamlessly adjusted to fit the context of the project.

Frame-Accurate Editing

With the Video Node, developers can achieve frame-accurate edits, allowing for precise cuts, transitions, and sequences. This precision ensures that the final output is as envisioned, down to the very last frame.

Dynamic Interactions

The Video Node can be animated, transitioned, or interacted with, just like any other node in the SDK. Whether it's fading, scaling, or other dynamic effects, videos can be made even more engaging.