Storage Providers
S3 Storage Provider

S3 Storage Provider

With Montagix SDK, you are not limited to the default storage solutions. Our SDK seamlessly integrates with custom storage solutions, such as the S3 storage provider. By utilizing the S3StorageProvider, developers can host all assets on their own infrastructure, applying all the security measures dictated by the company's policies.


The S3StorageProvider is an implementation of the CustomStorageProvider abstract class. This specific provider is tailored for integration with S3 storage solutions, facilitating both the upload and deletion of assets.

Key Functions

  • Put: This function facilitates the asset upload process, ensuring files are securely stored with the appropriate extensions.
  • Delete: As the name suggests, this function aids in the removal of assets from the storage.
  • Serialize and Deserialize: These functions allow for the easy transformation of storage provider instances into storable data and vice-versa.


  1. Security: Hosting assets on your own infrastructure means having complete control over security policies and practices.
  2. Customizability: Being built on top of the CustomStorageProvider, developers can further extend or modify the functionality as per specific requirements.
  3. Infrastructure: We provide the basic infrastructure needed for developers to deploy, ensuring a smooth integration process.

Getting Started

For a comprehensive understanding and to get hands-on with the codebase, visit the provided code repository: Montagix SDK S3 Storage Provider Code (opens in a new tab).

Note: Integrating custom storage solutions, especially with extensive infrastructure like S3, demands a nuanced understanding of both the SDK and the storage solution. It's advisable to follow the provided guides and resources closely.


const engine = new Engine({
  resolution: [1080, 1920],
  storageProvider: new S3StorageProvider({
    serverUrl: process.env.SERVER_URL,