Understanding the Montagix SDK requires familiarity with its unique terminology. This section provides a concise glossary of core terms to help you navigate the SDK documentation with ease.

Core Concepts


The heart of the Montagix SDK. It drives the primary functionalities, manages resources, and handles the overall coordination of elements within the system.

Scene Graph

A hierarchical structure that represents the sequence and arrangement of visual and auditory elements in a scene. It allows for efficient management and manipulation of these elements.


The fundamental unit in the scene graph.


Operates at a higher level than ClipNode. It organizes multiple ClipNodes, dictating their order and interactions.


A node that holds specific media or effects. It serves as a container or wrapper for other nodes.


An extension of the ClipNode, the MediaClipNode introduces specialized handling for playable media—like videos or audios. It encompasses properties such as volume and other essential attributes needed for media playback.


Specific to visual media, this node encapsulates properties crucial for image processing and manipulation.


Dedicated to textual representation, it permits modifications like font, size, and style adjustments.


Dedicated to audio media. It governs audio properties such as volume, pitch, and playback rate.


Focused on video content. It provides functionalities related to video playback, such as play, pause, and seek.